International Patient

Exclusive Services for International Patients

Pre-Departure Services

  • Teleconsultations and Pre-Departure Assessment
  • Facilitate Visa Services and Travel Arrangements
  • Budget, Deluxe, and Luxury Hotel Reservations
  • Pickup and drop-off at Ahmedabad International Airport

Post Admission Services

  • Hospital with central air conditioning
  • Selection of rooms, including private and opulent suites
  • Utilizing mobile devices to communicate and access information
  • Wi-Fi-ready suites
  • Bookstore, Gift Store, and Money Exchange
  • 24-hour relationship Managaer
  • Online access to the patient's development is provided for family and friends.

Post Discharge Services

  • Travel plans after discharge made through a travel companion
  • Post Discharge ,Hotel Accomodate
  • Telephone consultation with the attending physician

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