Frozen Section (Live Biopsy)

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Frozen Section (Live Biopsy)

Cutting-Edge Frozen Section (Live Biopsy) Services at Anamay Cancer Hospital

At Anamay Cancer Hospital, we are at the forefront of innovative medical technologies to provide the best possible care for our patients. One of our standout services is the in-house Frozen Section, often referred to as a "Live Biopsy." This revolutionary diagnostic tool allows us to make real-time decisions during surgical procedures, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of our treatments.


Frozen Section (Live Biopsy): At Anamay Cancer Hospital, we offer cutting-edge Frozen Section (Live Biopsy) services. This advanced technique allows for rapid on-site examination of tissue samples during surgery. Our skilled pathologists analyze the specimen in real-time, providing crucial diagnostic information to guide surgical decision-making. This innovative approach ensures precision and accuracy in treatment, leading to improved patient outcomes. Trust us for state-of-the-art Frozen Section services that make a difference in your care

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